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midi kontrolerji/klaviature

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Spletna stran proizvajalca: M-AUDIO OXYGEN 25 MKIV

The M-Audio Oxygen 25-Key USB MIDI Controller features 25 velocity-sensitive keys and includes precise pitch and mod wheels that enable you to play and create with finely-tuned expression.

The Oxygen 25 is immediately ready for music creation with the use of a single USB cable connection to any PC or Mac that provides both data and power. Instant and definitive DAW mapping is available with the DirectLink mode and use of the 8 assignable knobs and transport buttons.
Boasting over 275 impressive instrument sounds developed by AIR Music Technology as well as many other intuitive features such as the versatile arpeggiator and chord player all encased within a solid and reliable build, the Oxygen 25 is a professional addition to the M-Audio USB MIDI Controller series.

The M-Audio Oxygen 25-Key USB MIDI Controller’s main features include:

◾4th Generation MIDI controller

◾USB bus-powered

◾25 velocity-sensitive keys

◾DirectLink mode for automatic mapping controls within DAWs

◾Dedicated transport and track select buttons

◾Pitch wheel

◾Mod wheel

◾8 knobs

◾Ignite included

◾Over 275 instrument sounds developed by AIR Music Technology

◾Smart MIDI technology Chord Player & Phrase Player

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